The Test Tubes, a guerrilla cleanup project by Sandra Hoj.

The Test Tubes are trash tubes for stacking disposable cups, without the lids. First came the cardboard edition, a set of two, instantly embraced by the people of Copenhagen, but removed by the city after only five days. After massive viral pressure, the cleaning department succumbed and agreed to do a test. Sixteen aluminum tubes were made and tested on the streets of Copenhagen. Once again embraced by people, filling them to the brim, and keeping the streets cup litter free. But the evaluation stated that Copenhagen has no cup litter problem, and as such no need for an intelligent trash solution (needless to say, thrashcans are still overflowing with cup litter, denial is such a poor fix). 

In 2014 The Test Tubes became part of the exhibition Reprogramming The City, in the Danish Centre of Architecture, curated by urban strategist Scott Burnham.

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